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Freezeex Air Curtains

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Creating Comfortable Indoors...
With a protective shield of air across openings, reducing heat loss via your entrance door to stabilize the indoor climate.

We have modernized standard workshops, automated and mechanized producing equipment, advanced technological inspection equipment, etc. We got IS09001:2008 Royal UKAS Quality System Certicate earlier, and obtained CE certificate for several series products. Nowadays our products are sold in America, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Asia nearly 18 countires and regions

Powerful isolation, Efficient and Energy Saving

Air Curtain Splits Air

FREEZEEX Air curtain produce high speed air flow, separating your indoor and outdoor into two independent areas. It forms an “Invisible air door or air curtain” by running a high-speed motor with the cross-flow or centrifugal blower. This airflow prevents infiltration from the outside or inside limiting heat loss from open doors. By controlling the indoor temperature fluctuations, FREEZEEX Air Curtains creates a more comfortable and stable indoor environment while also significantly reducing your energy costs.

Air Curtains are often used where doors are required to stay open for operational purposes.

High density filter net for dustproof effectively
The air inlet of the air curtain is provided with high density filter net, filtering air, blocking dust, bacteria and other unclean objects.

Provide you the unusual comfort experience
FREELEEX Air Curtain adopt non-isometric quiet impellers to avoid the maximum noise frequency areal. Combined with scientific airflow design, it can redece noise effectively under stable operation. The working noise is around 50 dB which is as quiet as the office.
Air Curtain Filter Net
Low Noise Graph of Air Curtain